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    WICED Studio 6.1.0 has been released...


      WICED Studio 6.1.0

      WICED-Studio 6.1.0 Installer (Windows)

      WICED-Studio-6.1.0 (OSX)

      WICED-Studio-6.1.0 (Linux 64-bit)

      Release Notes: WICED Studio 6.1.0

      WICED Studio 6.x Technical Brief



      Changes for WICED-SDK 6.1


      * Documentation

        * Added WICED-Enterprise-Security-User-Guide.pdf

        * Enhanced documentation in Azure IoTHub demo application - provided detailed notes for configuring the IoTHub account and other settings in azure_iot_hub.c file.

        * Updated CYW9MCU7X9N364/Iwa Platform Quick Start Guide (WICED-Iwa-QSG.pdf)

        * Updated Gedday README

      * Applications

        * [CYW9MCU7X9N364] Resolved issue failure to join network after update using OTA2 application

        * [all BT/WiFi combo] Add Serial GATT App to 43xx platform

        * [all WiFi] Fixed exception error in HTTP_bin org snippet application

      * Libraries, Protocols, Drivers

        * [Homekit]

            * DCT space reserved by HomeKit library is indicated using a macro WICED_HOMEKIT_DCT_BUFFER_SIZE defined in apple_homekit.h.

              Please refer to this macro in the homkit header for OTA2 upgrades. The OTA2 upgrade logic being implemented in application

              must take care of migrating DCT section from older SDK to newer SDK accordingly

            * Improved disconnect event handling

            * Fixed write characteristics error status handling for iCloud transport

            * Synchronized event processing for the events received from IP controllers.

            * Fix for TCH042: Not able to read and write custom characteristics with instance id 1002 & 1003.

        * [all WiFi] Enterprise security supplicant - Added support for EAP-TTLS with EAP-MSCHAPv2, TLS session resumption, PEAP fast reconnect, PMK caching

        * [all WiFi] 802.11r (or fast BSS transition FBT) support added to WICED platforms for enterprise and personal Wi-Fi network.

        * [all WiFi] Optimized BESL/mbedTLS memory footprint and improved TLS authentication turnaround time

        * [all WiFi] Implemented TLS session caching support to BESL/mbedTLS

        * [all WiFi] Resolved stability issues relating to TCP (secure and non-secure) sockets with FreeRTOS-LwIP

        * [all WiFi] BESL/mbedTLS - Added support for zero length certificate

        * [all WiFi] Enhanced Websockets API with simplified APIs and support to send/receive larger MTUs

        * [all WiFi] BESL/mbedTLS - Added seperate check to verify peer common name with certificate subject name

        * [all WiFi] Resolved CoAP server issue with FreeRTOS-LWIP RTOS

        * [all WiFi] Fixed DTLS queue overloading issues, where events were getting lost

        * [all WiFi] Resolved stability issues with DTLS ECC

        * [all WiFi] Fixed JSON parsing issues due to newline characters

        * [all BT/WiFi combo] Upgraded Bluetooth host BTEWICED stack running on combo chips

        * [all BT/WiFi combo] Optimized the Bluetooth host stack thread usage for LE only mode - Reduced stack sizes for BLE configuration. Reduced default number of buffers used by Bluetooth LE only applications

        * [all WiFi] Improved TCP packet-queueing in LwIP to be consistent with WICED network APIs - WICED LwIP framework breaks down packet queues and pases single packets to the application

        * [CYW43907WAE4] - Automated the steps to build the 20706A2 embedded Bluetooth app and convert HCD to byte array as part of the 43907 build process

        * [all WiFi] Fixed String termination error in AWS subscriber app.

        * [CYW43907] Fix the bug of parsing script to reflect correct flash/ram usage. The flash region is writable in case of 4390x.

        * Fix for 802.11n cert test case 5.2.51 failure due to a bug in the sigma_dut application.

        * [CYW943907, CYW954907]- Fix for CERT-P2P:5.1.4 DUT Failed to connect to active test bed.

        * [CYW943907, CYW954907]- CERT11N:5.2.53 Support for WPA2/AES if WPA/TKIP is supported

        * New WLAN firmware ( added for 43362 platforms.

           * Enable phy_tempsense IOVAR

        * New WLAN firmware (7.79.2) added for 43364/43438/4343W platforms.

           * Enable 802.11r support on 4343 and 43364 platforms

           * Fixed CERT11/WMM failures on 4343W and 43364.

           * Fixed WFA Securities and Vulnerability Detection Tool, Test Case 5.2.3

        * New WLAN firmware ( added for 4390x/54907 platforms.

           * Fix for CERT11N association failures on CYW943907 platform.

           * Fix for Length of reassociation request packet is wrong in le filter

           * Fix for CERT11N (AP in TKIP mode DUT fails to associate with mixed mode) failure on CYW43907 and CYW954907 platforms.

           * Fixed WFA Securities and Vulnerability Detection Tool, Test Case 5.2.3

        * New WLAN firmware ( added for 43340 platforms.

           * Enable 802.11r support on 43340 platforms.

           * Fixed WFA Securities and Vulnerability Detection Tool, Test Case 5.2.3

      * Infrastructure

        * Added support for dual UART board CYW9MCU7x9N364 to WICED UART driver.