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    Using HSSP alongside I2C. Is this doable?

      I am currently trying to implement a system that allows me to update the firmware on several PSOC 049's over I2C with a single arduino.
      Unfortunately I am really struggling to port the bootloader host code to arduino.


      Is it possible to use my existing I2C Bus to handle HSSP if I set the pins to SWD, and then in the bootloadable project switch them back to being for I2C?

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          Hi Jamie,


          It sound possible.

          Which PSoC device are you using? I remember SWD port of PSoC4000/4100/4200 could be duplicated with EzI2C port.

          For PSoC4000S/PSoC4100S, you can connect I2C pins to SWD interface externally, so that you don't need to switch hardware connections of I2C and SWD after programming, if you are using MiniProg-3 as debugger.


          Regarding the host.... it requires the host to support software SWD(when programming) and I2C(before and after programming) switching. I think you can contact Arduino for how to make this kind of switch.