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    Is there programming documentation available for PSoC Creator?

      Originally when I started working with the CY8CKIT-042-BLE module, I followed the 101 tutorials to get acquainted with the software and using bluetooth.


      The idea being, I have a custom circuit whose voltage output gets sampled into the ADC_SAR_SEQ component, sent to my iPhone, and displayed in graph form (it's a heart monitor design, so imagine a pulse beat like that on a graph.)


      In PSoC Creator, I have everything working properly...in fact, the entire project (as per the basic description above) is complete.


      However, there is still much more to add on, both from the iOS point of view and the PSoC.

      Apple has very good documentation for using the Core Bluetooth framework.


      I was wondering if there was anything similar to read for the PSoC environment (not forums, open source projects, or "overall" video tutorials.)  Something robust in documentation form.


      When the Source files are generated in PSoC Creator, I'm left scratching my head, wondering how to go about understanding what to use, when to use it, etc.


      Unless I haven't scoped the internet well-enough (in which case, my apologies), where do I go to find this information?


      Reading the generated source files and function descriptions are helpful, but don't paint the entire picture.