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    fx2lp boot

      If, at power-on reset, the EZ-USB detects an EEPROM connected

      to its I2C with the value 0xC2 at address zero.


      what is that value 0xC2?where it will be?

      what is referencing ''at address zero"?

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          Hello Geetha Diwakar,


          When the FX2LP finds an EEPROM at address A2A1A0-000, it will check for the contents of the EEPROM. If the first byte of the data content is found as C0, it will copy eight bytes of data from the EEPROM into the internal RAM of the FX2LP.


          When the FX2LP does not find an EEPROM at the address A2A1A0-000, it will look for an EEPROM at address A2A1A0-001. If an EEPROM is connected and if its first byte is C2, the FX2LP expects the firmware from the I2C EEPROM.


          The value 0xC2 or 0xC0 refers to the first byte of the EEPROM content. Based on this byte, the FX2LP will copy only eight bytes of data (if it is C0) or the entire firmware (if it is C2) from the EEPROM.


          Best regards,

          Srinath S

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