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      We would like to use PALC22V10B-15JC instead of primary part# PALC22V10-25JC in one of our design. The only difference I could find out in the first look is in the speed 25ns to 15ns.


      But what is the primary difference between PALC22V10 Vs PALC22V10B? Since these are very old parts I couldn’t find much information from Cypress website. I have reviewed the scanned copy of datasheets from some sourcing websites, but couldn’t gather any useful inputs. Is PALC22V10B an upgraded version? Please let us know.

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          That is ages ago when MMI introduced the PAL22V10. Later on MMI was sold to AMD, so I would suggest to dig into their datasheets to find an answer.



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            The primary difference from PALC22V10 to PALC22V10B is version upgraded, they are functionally identical B version is qualified for higher speed, Arrow has been appointed at the sole distributor for Cypress products, you may check with www.arrow.com.