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    Debug a Customizer




      I'm trying to develop a customizer (yes i'm still trying to design a customizer for my custom component xD), i'm getting a Exception when trying to set a parameter with the SetParamExpr function.


      ¿Is there anyway to debug the customizer while developing in Creator? I haven't seen someone developing the customizer on VS, running it on Creator and being able to debug it, so if you know a way to debug the customizer please let me know.


      I had tried using System.Diagnostigs and Debug.WriteLine function but i can't see the messages being printed. So i'm currently using a Label on the customizer itself to print the messages i need to see.


      Attached is the project in case you want to take a look and let me know if i'm doing something wrong (i'm still a newbie with c# and windows forms applications).

      To trigger the error i'm getting open the example project, click on the dummy_app component and click the button on the customizer.