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    Using GPIOs on KitProg



      I'm using the KitProg (CY8C5868LTI-LP039) as a USB_UART bridge to turn on LEDs connected to the target board (CY8C5888LTI-LP097).

      I'm trying to turn on another LED using GPIOs on CY8C5868LTI-LP039 header J8.

      PC will send commands to turn on LEDs on the KitProg and target board at the same time.


      The reason I want to use GPIOs on the KitProg is that the target board (CY8C5888LTI-LP097) is custom made and I am not able to get GPIOs there.


      My understanding is the KitProg is used for programming and debugging.

      But, is there any way to use the KitProg as a USB_UART bridge and connect LEDs to it?


      Thank you.