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    How can I program multiple PSOC 4 Devices (and maybe more) at once?

      Hi folks!


      I am working on a prototype which will involve having one arduino and 8 PSOC 4 devices (the cy8kit-049-42XX)'s communicating over I2C


      The PSOC's will be running identical software (The only difference is the I2C Address which I intend to have it calculate at startup based on the PD across a voltage divider), and the arduino will be running entirely different code. 


      Ideally I would like to be able to push future software updates (post release) to the arduino and all of the PSOCs over a single USB connection but I realise that this is likely to be incredibly difficult, and would settle for just being able to update the PSOCs together, so that it is less frustrating for the user.


      Could anyone give me any advice here or point me in the direction of what I should be reading to learn how to do this?


      Many thanks in advance,


      Giga xoxoxo