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    PSoc 1 Raspberry pi

      Hello all,


      I have recently purchased two Cypress CY3274 kits for my Senior Design Project. The project involves the control (mainly just turning On and Off) an air conditioner through a mobile application that sends a message (ON or OFF) to a raspberry pi (through WIFI), which the sends the same message to a master Powerline Communications (PLC) modem which then sends this message through the power-lines to a slave PLC which finally sends the data to a raspberry pi ir transceiver which controls the appliance. My question is how can I connect the GPIO pins of the raspberry pi to the Cypress Cy3274 modem. I basically want to use a couple of jumper wires from the raspberry pi to the plc, and for the plc to read the incoming inputs. My programming experience is very limited and any solution for this problem would be highly appreciated. Note: The Cypress CY3274 Kit uses the PSoc Designer 5.4.