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    Interface CY7C68013A with Microcontroller




      I have inherited a sensor board/product that utilises a CY7C68013A to stream data from an FPGA over USB to a host. I have access to the design and firmware for it and have discovered already that it is configured as a Custom Vendor Class.


      My current application requires that I use an M7 core MCU (ATSAME70) as a USB Host (Not a PC) which sends config commands and receives and processes the data from the sensor board via the CY7C68013A.


      I have a .dll that runs on windows for it but am not sure how to progress with communicating with it from an embedded MCU.


      My question;


      -Does anyone have some sample code or applications notes on how to communicate with the CY7C68013A via MCU that is setup as a host?



      I understand it may be a broad question, but I need to start somewhere and to date can only find details for Windows and MAC USB drivers.


      Thanks in advance for any positive feedback and general guidance