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    CCG3 Consumer Path Current Sense




      I have a CYPD3125 Consumer only project and I would like to implement Current sense for the Consumer path. I understand that this is possible with firmware changes, however I require some guidance on how to get there.


      I have based my Project on a modified CYPD3125 Notebook SDK example.


      Thank you,



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          Hi Adam,


          You are correct the VBUS OCP protection only implemented on power source role. If you could like to add OCP on power sink role, below is firmware steps you can refer to.

          1. Use VBUS_OCP_ENABLE to search psource.c file and show up all of functions relates to VBUS OCP.

          void app_psrc_vbus_ocp_cbk(uint8_t port)

          static const uint32_t cc_rp_to_cur_map[]

          void psrc_enable (uint8_t port, pwr_ready_cbk_t pwr_ready_handler)

          static void psrc_dis_ocp(uint8_t port)


          2. re-use below functions.

          void app_psrc_vbus_ocp_cbk(uint8_t port)

          static void psrc_dis_ocp(uint8_t port)


          3. Add relates part in psrc_enable (uint8_t port, pwr_ready_cbk_t pwr_ready_handler) to psink_enable in psink.c file.


          Best Regards,