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    wiced vs psoc for ble


      What are the pro/con for each? Im starting a new design and looking for direction.

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          Well, I think as a general rule of thumb, the WICED modules are larger and have more capabilites. The PSoC are smaller and use less power overall.

          Bascially, they are more or less the same with differences in flair depending on the specific chip/module you buy, but the WICED modules will be larger scale; Aimed at phones/larger battery operated devices, whereas the PSoC are smaller aimed at watch/taggable-sized devices from what I've seen of the differences in specs and specifications.


          Really, it would be better to look at what you need for your project, and pick the most efficient device that will fit the requirements: either in price, size, battery usage, design cost, time-to-market, etc.