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    Questions Regarding the SMIF Block on PSoC 6 BLE.


      Hello. I am getting started with a project using the PSoC 6 board. I would like to learn more about two functions of the SMIF block


      First, how do I use the block in execute in place/XIP/memory mode? I saw in the documentation a few short lines for setting up that mode, but doing that still won't allow me to write to the RAM. 


      Second, how do I use the built in cryptography functionality of this block? I see that when using the SMIF Configuration tool that it adds the "CY_SMIF_FLAG_CRYPTO_EN" to the memory configuration, but alone doesn't seem to be enough.


      For background, I have booted up the CE220823 SMIF_Memory_Write_and_Read_Operation sample project, but it doesn't use the cryptography and it uses the "normal" mode rather than the XIP mode.


      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.