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    CyUSBS234 devkit, going to I2C mode without GUI tool



      I have the CyUSBS234 devkit to test out Cypress' software support for USB-to-I2C bridges.


      The devkit's userguide says I should use some tool to set the devkit (chip? doesn't say) into I2C mode.

      But this tool is mentioned only in the chapter for "setting up on Windows". Also, I can find in the API only

      functions to configure a I2C module, but not what this Windows GUI tools seems to do - i.e. changing some mode.


      Does this mean the chip cannot be programmatically changed from I2C to SPI to UART mode, but

      requires a Windows GUI tool to do this? Or did I just miss the part with the instructions for doing this over the Cypress USB stack?


      I did get he CyUSBSerialTestUtility to see the chip, but instead of what the SDK README says here, i.e.:


         $ CyUSBSerial




         0             |4b4  |a    | 0     | VENDOR_I2C

         0             |4b4  |a    | 1     | VENDOR_SPI

         0             |4b4  |a    | 2     | NA



      I'm seeing only NA as the functionality for each interface number.

      If it was possible to switch modes run-time, surely the CyUSBSerialTestUtility could do this?





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          Hello Kalle Raiskila,


          Firstly, confirm me if you are using the CYUSBS234 or CYUSBS236 DVK. I find that you have mentioned CYUSBS234 which has got a single serial communication block. But in the description, you have mentioned a PID of 0x000A with a I2C interface and a SPI interface. This pertains to a CYUSBS236 DVK.


          For a CYUSBS234 DVK,


          - To configure the CY7C65211 device as I2C, Vendor mode, please follow the below steps.

          - Extract the files from the attachment.

          - Open the Command prompt and change the directory to the extracted folder.

          - Run the below command to download the configuration file onto the CY7C65211 device:

          fwDownload -vid 0x04B4 -pid 0x0002 -mode vendor -c I2C_VR.cyusb -timeout 25000


          NOTE: In the above command, the PID is 0x0002. Modify this to the PID of the device while programming.


          This will configure the device in I2C Vendor mode.


          Please let me know if this satisfies your requirement.


          Best regards,

          Srinath S