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    PSoC4 vs PSoC1 feature comparison



      I wonder if there are any good document comparing PSoC4 and PSoC1 by each feature.

      I prefer the document showing merit/advantage of PSoC4 over PSoC1 .

      Could anyone help?


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          Difficult to compare an 8 bit 24 MHz MCU with a 32bit 48 MHz RISC processor.. On the analog side the PSoC1 is more flexible, although the resources are quite tight. The PSoC4 comes with a fast ADC but no analog filter block like the PSoC5.

          There are more than 100 different components which are difficult to compare. An easy way would be to get hands on one of the CY8CKIT -xxx Prototype or pioneer kits as the CY8CKIT -043 or CY8CKIT-042. for little money.

          Outstanding is the integrated BLE radio in the PSoC4 BLE devices.

          So putting it all together: The PSoC4 comes with more resources (sram, flash,UDBs,DMA), is faster, with debugging capabilitiesor in short:


          PSoC4 is more modern.



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            Hi Bob,

            Thank you .


            Any different especially with Capsense block?
            It will help if you could show us a comparison table.



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              In general, PsoC4 has an improved CapSense compared to PSoC1 devices. Few of the PSoC4 CapSense improvements/feature additions include

              • Mutual capacitance sensing support (in addition to the CSD methods, which are the only sensing methods in PSoC1),
              • Improved shield drive strength
              • Improved SmartSense algorithm with a greater resolution of supported finger capacitance/sensitivity values and PRS-auto support
              • In-built firmware filters provided in the component
              • An easy to use tuner API and a special Tuner GUI supported with the CapSense component