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    S6J334EJEC implementation


      Dear sir or madam,


      I study at Czech technical university in Prague. At the moment we are working on a project for Škoda auto. We are using MCU S6J334EJEC and I'm preparing schematic diagram. My supervisor is still repeating, that the best way for right implementation is to find real functional diagram for example from KITS or reference implemented device with tested components. Unfortunately, I'm not able to find document, I need, on cypress web site (http://www.cypress.com/products/traveo-s6j331x-simple-2d-graphics-single-hyperbus-arm-cortex-r5-mcu ). In application note was writen, that I can use Evaluation Board S6T3J200311A176A2, but nowhere more information and website look like, that it doesn't exist (search tool). I would like to know if you have document matching with my specifications or you know better way to find more information or you know something what could help me.


      Thank for your time.

      Best regards,

      Pekárek David