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    PSOC creator 4.1 building project painfully slow



      I have the latest PSOC Creator, and I just checked cypress update manager. Im running windows 10 pro. Every time I make a change to top design, API is regenerated for each component. Only problem is, I have maybe over 30 components, and during the "Cleanup..." process, each component takes around 1 SECOND.


      If I remember correctly, even down to PSOC Creator 2.2, the build process chugged along faster than this. I only noticed this on 4.1. Even my biggest projects didnt take 30 seconds to build before. Now a simple one can take around 50, and its specifically slowed down by this "Cleanup..." Process. The console line shows this for each component.


      "arm-none-eabi-gcc.exe -mcpu=cortex-m3 -mthumb -I. -IGenerated_Source\PSoC5 -Wa,-alh=.\CortexM3\ARM_GCC_541\Debug/PSOC_485_R_P.lst -g -D DEBUG -Wall..."


      Any input much appreciated.