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    Using custom components with PROC modules



      I am currently working in a system with a PROC BLE module and 4100S mcu. I have developped some custom components, one of them has only code with no components. I have tested the components in projects for the 4100S and 4200M and works fine, I see the custome components in custom catalog and the code run flawlesly. The proble is that when I try to reuse the components in PROC Module project and I set up the dependencies my custom catalog does not appear. I have tried to generate a special version of the component for the PROC family but is not available during the component creation. It seems that the PSOC Creator does not allow to use customize the peripherals. Is there any work around for these ? I have forgot something ?.The `PSOC Creator version that currently I am using is 4.0


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      Jose R. Sanchez Sanchez