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    How to use AMuxHw?

      Hello, members.


      I would like to implement I / O logic as shown in the attached file using AMuxHw, but I don't know.

      Please tell me how to make it.

      ※In the attached file, Input_ 0 is output when Selection Input is 0, and Input_ 1 is output when Selection Input is 1, but the reverse is okay.


      Best Regards

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          The AMuxHW requires a selection input that is based on the number of inputs. If you have two inputs, that means you need only 1 bit:

          0 - Input 0

          1 - Input 1


          Note that the AMuxHW will short the output with one of the inputs.


          If your Input_0 and Input_1 are digital signals, you might want to use logic gates instead of AMuxHW. That's for analog signals.

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            Thank you for your reply.
            I would like to ask you about the following case.

            Input channel:5


            Mux Type:Single


            The data sheet says "Select lines are one per channel".

            However, when increasing the number of input channels, the number of Select lines does not increase on Top Design.

            (Please refer to the attached file)


            Best Regards