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    CY8CKIT-037 FOC not working with motor ILM25x04


      I have tried adapting the "Sensorless FOC Motor Control" project of CY8CKIT-037 for the RoboDrive ILM25x04 and it is not working. An error occurs when the speed loop begins. I have followed the Kit Guide and the AN93637 document. I haven't found enough information about PI parameters tuning, but I have tried different values with no positive results.


      The motor works fine with the "Sensorless BLDC Motor Control" project, and it has been used in other FOC applications.


      I assume the only parameters that should be changed are M_RS, M_LS, M_POLES, M_RATED_SPEED, and M_BASEFREQUENCY. I would like to have more information about the PI controllers so I could change those parameters too. As stated in AN93637, the motor base frequency is Rated_Speed*Poles/(60*2).


      The objective of this project is to replace the position estimation with an encoder, but the FOC should work on its own before introducing new components.