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    CYW20706UA2KFFB4G or other BR+EDR+BLE solution




      We have a product that uses a proprietary radio link to a PC.

      We would like to redesign it using a radio standard such as

      Bluetooth.  The data rate is rather high (500-800 kbps),

      so BLE 4.2 and lower would not be fast enough.  BLE
      5.0 might be OK, but it isn't here yet.  We are looking at a

      BR+EDR+BLE solution so we could use EDR for now and

      maybe upgrade to BLE 5.0 in the future.


      Would the CYW20706UA2KFFB4G be upgradable to 5.0

      in the future or would it require different hardware?  How long

      is the CYW20706UA2KFFB4G likely to be supported before it

      becomes obsolete?  What is the difference between the
      CYW20706UA2KFFB4G and the CYW20706UA2KFFB4GT?

      Do you have other modules that would support EDR now and
      BLE 5.0 in the future?




      Chuck Krapf

      RTC Electronics, Inc.

      Ypsilanti, MI