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      Dear Team,


      We are using S29AL008J55TFIR10 NOR Flash in one of our board design.

      we have to do the thermal analysis of PCB Board. so for this we required thermal parameter of all parts used in this design.

      We did not found thermal parameter (RθJA, RθJC, RθJB) info of S29AL008J55TFIR10 this part in the respective datasheet.

      so requesting the community to provide this parameters.





      Thanks & regards,



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          Hi Divya,


          Theta JA  : 40C/W

          Psi JT      : 17C/W

          (Note: You can find this value in S29AL008J Reliability Report  in page 2 of 9 from this link : S29AL008J Reliability Report | Cypress Semiconductor)


          We do not provide theta JC and theta JB thermal resistance values for our flash products. We usually give psi JT and theta JA parameters which provides a meaningful method to predict junction temperature in plastic package devices. Please find our application note "Thermal Considerations and Parameters" available at: http://www.cypress.com/file/210756/download. It explains  why theta JC and theta JB values are not good approximations for plastic packages. I hope this application note is helpful for you.