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    How on earth do I implement this?! - A PSOC 4 Conundrum.

      Hello Ladies and Gents of the Cypress forums, I have come once again to beg you all for a slice of your genius.


      Long story short I need to be able to use the same 8 pins to deal with various types of inputs (I'm using modular external hardware).
      I.E; in one case the user may place a button or rotary encoder across the input, and in another case the user may place a potentiometer across the same pin.


      What I want is a way to switch between using a pin as analogue and digital , whilst ideally keeping all of the pins on the same port.
      The tricky part is that I need to have state transition interrupts triggered for those pins which are set to digital so that I may use rotary encoders in the design (the other leg is connected to a pin on a port which will always be digital.)


      Is this even possible on the 049 kit?  WIll I just have to bite the bullet and use my precious remaining port to handle these two lines separately (at the cost of other functionality I had planned for the system.)