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    BLESS Low Power Sleep Mode for Bluetooth 5.0?

      Hi there,


      In Bluetooth 4.2, there was the API call CyBle_EnterLPM(CYBLE_BLESS_SLEEP) that allowed bluetooth to enter low power sleep mode. For Bluetooth 5.0, is it possible for bluetooth to similarly enter sleep mode?


      For Bluetooth 5.0's equivalent API call Cy_BLE_StackEnterLPM(cy_en_ble_lp_mode_t pwrMode), the enumerator cy_en_ble_lp_mode_t only has the following values: CY_BLE_BLESS_ACTIVE, CY_BLE_BLESS_DEEPSLEEP, CY_BLE_BLESS_INVALID. CY_BLE_BLESS_SLEEP does not seem to be an option.