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    problem to program a CYBL10162-56LQXI


      I have a
      problem to program a CYBL10162-56LQXI
      I want to use an HM-16 module from jnhuamao.cn
      You can see http://www.jnhuamao.cn/bluetooth41_en.zip
      This module consists mainly of a microcontroller CYBL10162-56LQXI
      In base it is programmed with a firmware allowing to make AT commands and it functions correctly with a serial port.
      I would like to fully reprogram the firmware with the PSOC4 Creator software
      but I can not connect.
      I use the USB interface of CY8CKIT-043
      I connected (USB part of CY8CKIT-043     to    CYBL10162-56LQXI
      SWDIO       to    SWDIO (Pin 26 P0.6)
      SWDCLK   to     SWDCLK (Pin 27 P0.7)
      RST           to    XRES (Pin4 XRES)
      GND          to    GND
      VTARG      to    VCC

      I tried to program with Psoc Creator 4.1 or with PSoCProgrammer
      my CYBL10162-56LQXI is recognized but I still have an error message and programming is not done.
      can you help me ?
      thank you