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    Problems with CY7C68013A on USB3.0 Hosts




      we use the CY768013A USB controller in some of our devices. Some customers using USB3.0 hosts have the problem, that the USB connections fails after some time of using (like 10 to 60 minutes).

      The device class is custom USB device and we use Bulk transfers on one EP and control transfers, we use CYUSB3 drivers. The problems disappears when the customers use an USB 2.0 Slot at the computer. This is starting to be a problem, because many new computers have USB3.0 slots only, or USB 3.0 slots are marked as USB 2.0 slots.


      Are there any known issues on this topic Or can someone give me a hint how we could solve this problems?


      kind regards



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          Hello Simon,

          -What version of the driver and which OS are you using?

          -Which EP do you get the failure on? Could you elaborate on what failure you're facing?

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            Hello Sananya,


            thank your for your reply.

            The problems appear with Windows 7, and mybe also with Windows 10, my colleague wasn't sure about that.

            The driver Version is (as shown in in inf files)

            I'm not sure with which endpoint it happens, because we use Control Transfers to start the bulk Transfers.

            It might be an EP0 Control Transfer or a EP8 Bulk IN Transfer.

            Unfortunately I haven't got more infirmation on this since my first post.


            kind regards