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    Psoc3 Controller shinking related


      Hello sir

      Now a days I am Using psoc3 controller ( cy8c3446AXI - 099 ). I Made a Final Hardware and in that, I attach some component which is required for a controller . but rather then that controller is not powered up properly its continuously shining power.

      we found one bug in hardware that VCCA is power up by 5 volts so for that error, one controller burns out but after that now I disconnect the 5 volts in other hardware & new controller and attach 1uF cap by an external jumper wire.I can just fond this one error rather than this no any error is being founded.

      after this

      I attach the Directly 5-volt power supply to the controller and measuring the voltage across the supply then voltage being down from 5 volts and continuously changing. I attach the video based on that for your reference.

      I attach 470uF 25-volt cap in Vcc and GND of a controller with 0.1 bypass cap. and also attach all the 0.1uF and 1uF cap as required in a controller. also, attach the controller schematic which I am using. please review that schematic.

      and correct me if I did any mistake in that