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    Is there an I2S example in PDLv2.0.1?



      just bougth a FM4-176L-S6E2CC-ETH starter kit. I've installed both PDLv2.0.2 and PDLv2.1.0, and noticed that /PDLv2.0.2/examples/ folder contains a folder named /i2s/ with one audio example, but /PDLv2.1.0/examples/ not. Since I'm using the ARM GCC compiler with no supported IDE I need to make use of the new stuff provided in the PDLv2.1.0 examples (e.g. /armgcc/ dir) to run the examples, but trying to make the PDLv2.0.2 I2S example in combination with the PDLv2.0.1 example armgcc stuff generates lots of errors (obusly).

      So, my question is:

      Is there an I2S example in PDLv2.0.1?