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    PSOC5LP compile error with function-code in SRAM



      I am still working on an issue described in

      PSOC5LP Jitter in interrupt handling


      the problem was solved with executing a function in SRAM according to the description in



      I defined a prototype 

      CY_ISR(ADC_COS_ISR_LOC) __attribute__ ((section(".data")));

      for the Interrupt-Service for the data from the SAR-ADU.

      I ignored the compiler warning and everything works ! .... until now ...


      At the moment I am using PSoC Creator  4.0 Update 1 ( With the latest update ignoring the warning doesn´t work.

      Now I get the following messages:


      cccQkAff.s:18: Warning: ignoring changed section attributes for .data

      Build error: The command 'arm-none-eabi-gcc.exe' failed with exit code '1'.


      Without placing the function in the .data-section the compile process is successfully.


      I wonder what to do now: In AN89610 9.4 is a statement

      "Functions that are to be located in SRAM must be placed in the .data section"

      this is what I have done....


      Now I need a workaround for this error-message ....


      with regards