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    Grouped Pins do not all trigger interrupt?

      I am currently working on something which requires the state of several inputs to be sent to an arduino over I2C.


      Ideally I would like to have a separate interrupt for each port but due to the fact that I need to use PSOC4's in the design I can't do this.
      (shame you can't route individual pins to interrupt components if you need more interrupts than ports)


      So far I have the system set up so that a group of 8 pins has an interrupt attached and the interrupt sends the state of the button over I2C whenever there is a change, along with information allowing the arduino to identify which button was pressed.


      A change of state on button 0 of the group won't trigger an interrupt! What is going on?
      If I trigger the interrupt by pressing another button whilst 0 is held down the state of 0 is sent to the main unit just fine :S