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    Can't debug on macOS High Sierra


      Hi, I am using WICED Studio 6.0.1 on macOS High Sierra with Inventek ISM4343WBM module.

      I can download and run any snippet without any issues. But I am having issues when trying to debug it.

      I can start debug session, I see in console:

      Program received signal SIGTRAP, Trace/breakpoint trap.

      [Switching to Thread 3892325141]

      0x0800c66a in _start () at WICED/platform/MCU/STM32F4xx/../../ARM_CM4/crt0_GCC.c:81


          __asm__( "   ldr r1, =link_stack_end\n"

      But after that I can't do anything: can't set a breakpoint (it says 'cant access memory at 0x8xxxxx') or resume program execution.


      Tried the same with WICED Studio 5.2.1 - and I can't even start a debug session, there are no debug configurations...