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    FX3 USB Control Center Non-Cypress Device Configuration

      I have a  ZTEX FPGA board  with CYUSB3033x Device combined with Xilinx 7 series FPGA  which has FX3 capability.



      In this example of FX2LP with ZTEX FPGA boards, it is said that we have to add CyUsb.sys for configuring firmware.




      In FX3,  configuring USB devices with USb Control Center requires CyUsb.sys driver. There is an example for adding a device with 0x4B4 which is Cypress USB ID in CyUsb.pdf


      However, there is no example for adding devices with different USB ID's.


      I want to configure my ZTEX 2 series board with USB Control Center, to make it I need cyusb3.sys driver. Although I follow all of the steps on FX3 cyusb3.sys device adding my device cannot work in Windows 8.1.


      Are there any example for adding different vendor ID device on cyusb.sys ?

      or are there any trick or method adding non-cypress devices on cyus.sys?