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    Multiple audio sample rate support on FX3



      I have a UAC device that can output different audio sample rate 32kHz/44.1kHz/48kHz via setting,  then is connected to PC via USB.

      In FX3 firmware code, I have already modified some USB descriptors to support multiple sampling frequencies, as follow:


      At Type I Format descriptor,

      (1) increase the number of sampling frequencies (bSamFreqType)

      (2) list up available frequencies

      (3) Tune the size of Type I format descriptor, by the increased bytes for frequencies

      (4) Tune wMaxPacketSize of the endpoint descriptor, so that it covers the samples of the greatest frequency

      (5) Set the bit 0 (Sampling Frequency control) of bmAttributes on Audio-Streaming Class-specific (AS-CS) endpoint descriptor.

      (6) Tune the size of wTotalLength field of the Configuration descriptor


          /* Class specific AS Format descriptor - Type I Format Descriptor ???*/

          0x11,                           /* Descriptor size */

          0x24,                           /* Class-specific Interface Descriptor Type */

          0x02,                           /* Format Type Descriptor subtype */

          0x01,                           /* PCM FORMAT_TYPE_I */

          0x02,                           /* Number of channels - 2 */

          0x02,                           /* Subframe size - 2 bytes per audio subframe */

          0x10,                           /* Bit resolution - 16 bits */

          0x03,                           /* Number of samping frequencies - 1 */

          0x00, 0x7D,0x00, //32kHz

          0x44, 0xAC, 0x00, //44.1kHz

          0x80, 0xBB, 0x00,               /* Sampling frequency - 48000 Hz */


      But per modifying code above, as amcap run on the pc, it doesn't have sound for all these three audio sample rate. So, I am not sure whether I need to modify or add other code. how do I tell PC which sampling frequency to use?