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    Strange problems when using AP6234(CYW43340) with STM32


      Here's my schematic. (Big photo see appendix)I try to use AP6234 module (CYW43340 solution) with STM32 in my project.


      But when I finish my layout and after manufacture, I met a strange problem:

      When I use WICED SDK with snip.scan demo, the AP6234 only scans 2.4G APs.

      And I tried to heat the board, and let the module maintain 100℃, now the scan result contains 5G APs.

      But When the module cools down, it still only scans 2.4G APs.


      I also tried the board called redbear duo:


      I moved the module to this board, the AP6234 works fine.

      The strangest thing is my schematic is same as redbear-DUO board.

      It's very strange, I don't know how to do. Who can help me?Thanks.