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    Is CY8C38 supported in Creator 4.1?

      I recently inherited a slightly older CY8CKIT-001 dev kit with the MiniProg3 and a CY8C38 PSoC 3 module. The Creator 4.1 release notes list the CY8C38 as one of the supported devices on page 9. The PSoC 3 is listed in the Creator 4.1 Debug->Select Target and Debug list under the MiniProg3 left panel.  However, the right panel reports under the PSoC3 heading, "This device was recognized, but PSoC Creator does not support using it at this time."


      I am inclined to think the release notes are incorrect and Creator 4.1 does not support the CY8C38 PSoC3 module but maybe I am missing something? Should it be working?