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    Original code for BCM20737S WICED Sense TAG



      I received the BCM20737S WICED Sense TAG for experimentation(hackathon). After installing the SDK, I compiled one of the existing targets ("Hello Client") and downloaded it to the device. The new code overwrote the original code that came with the tag, and now the tag won't work with the WICED Sense application.

      I've tried to recover the device several times based on the information in the recovery video and various documentation (BOOT->RESET->RELEASE BOOT->RELEASE RESET and BOOT->RESET->RELEASE RESET->RELEASE BOOT etc.) multiple times, but it didn't restore the tag to its original state.


      Could you please refer me to the location of the original code (BRCM internal/external site), so I can recompile and restore the tag to its original state?


      Thank you,