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    CYUSB3ACC-006 Adapter (FX3-to-HSMC) pin-out question

      From the schematic of the FX3 GPIO-to-HSMC adapter (CYUSB3ACC-006) it appears that the signals are placed somewhat randomly - some of the CTL and DQ signals go to one pin in a differential pair on the HSMC connector, and some share a pair with another signal. Is there any reason for this routing?


      I'd like to create my own FX3-to-HSMC adapter PCB and re-route some of the CTL signals so I can expose 4 differential pairs on the HSMC connector and use them for another input to the FPGA board. I'd probably keep the pin-out the same except I'd move PMODE2 and CTL3 to the other side of J1C. Will changing the HSMC pins of these signals cause any issues?