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    S6E1C1 SWD failure in deep standby mode


      I'm working with the S6E1C12B0AGP20000 in a custom board and I’ve experienced some strange behavior with the deep standby modes.

      At first, I programmed some basic code for testing GPIOs, timers, UART and I2C bus. Everything worked fine. After that, I wrote a small project to test the deep standby modes and measure the standby current. I put the LPM component in the top design and this function call in the main.c:

      Lpm_GoToStandByMode(DeepStbStopMode , TRUE);


      Then I build and program the target. This worked fine, but when I tried to reprogram the target again, the PSOC creator was unable to detect the target via SWD. I tried with PSOC Programmer too with several configurations (programing mode reset and power cycle, different clock speeds).

      I don’t know if the SWD interface is disable while the target is in deep standby mode, but shouldn’t it be enabled again when the miniprog3 send a reset of perform a power cycle?


      Thanks in advance.