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    Problems by copying a PSOC design


      Dear Sir or Madame,

      I have some trouble with one of my PESOC5LP designs.

      I can work with the top design and I can build it in the original folder. But I can‘t generate a working copy of this design. All known methods give me no result.
      The problem is the TopDesign in the TopDesign sub folder. When I generate a new project from a template of the original design, an error message is generated  (see attachment).


      When I generate a new design from an archive, which I have built with one of the three different kinds of the „Archive Worcspace/Project“ function, the TopDesign and
      the TopDesign folder is not included in the archives or the files „TopDesign.cysch“ and „TopDesign_01.cymacro“ is located in the base folder from
      the 265Mbyte big archive (Bundle).


      After manually copying the two files in an generated „TopDesign“ sub folder I can open, work and save the TopDesign. But by building the design I get also an error message (see attachment).


      Other designs from me don’ t show this mistake. I work with PSOC Creator 4.2.

      Some ideas of the reasons of this mistake?

      All files located in my document folder. The files are not write protected.


      Because the big bundle is too large, I put the minimal archive as an attachment and in addition
      the missing two TopDesign files and two pictures of the error messages.