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    BT/RF isolation suggestions?

      I've got enough devices on my bench and around the office that I need to start thinking about cleaning up my BT spectrum to make it easier to find and/or isolate them before more start showing up.  I'm looking for suggestions on what to get/make or any useful approaches that might work in an open office environment.


      I really have two separate requirements:


      1.  Isolate a device or two and a dongle together so that nothing interferes with their communication.

      2.  Isolate a bunch of devices (10+) so that they don't show up when I do a scan.

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          Hello jose,


          This IS the classic problem with NOT being able to be in an RF Chamber


          Here in the Lab and the Hallways we run across this issue with 20 test engineers advertising at once.




          1. In our Lab, we usually yell "Hey JT, are you advertising?" - which means turn off your stuff.
          2. If you go to the "management" area - They are usually NOT doing tests
          3. I have physically gone outside in the parking lot for "isolation" (Our outdoor basketball court)
          4. Stay away from the WiFi Routers as they kinda interfere with the spectrum.
          5. I have successfully setup multiple devices in a corner conference room AND our Lunch room.


          Hope this helps


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            I've gotten good results from double bagging faraday bags.  There come in several sizes.  You have to roll the opening a few times to 'seal' it so get something bigger than you think you need.


            I still see signal leakage from a single bag that's right on the edge of what a metal drawer will shield so two bags is a must.


            Now, if I could do something about all the Fitbits my co-workers got for Christmas...