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    PSoC 6's  TIA



      The PSoC 5LP's TIA(transimpedance amplifier) was very useful !!!!



      Now, PSoC 6 is Can use a TIA?



      I did not find anything related to the TIA in the PSoC 6 datasheet.

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          PSoC 6 doesn't have the Switched Capacitor / Continuous Time (SC/CT) blocks found in PSoC 5LP, which can form TIAs without any external components. However, you can use the CTBm Opamps of PSoC 6 with external resistors to form TIAs. This configuration also provides better gain accuracy and linearity than SC/CT based TIA.


          Following image shows an example of PSoC 6  Opamp based TIA  feeding an ADC input. Note that you need to configure the "Output drive" option of the Opamp component to "Output to pin" to use this arrangement.