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    alternative part for IS25WP032D-JTLE-TR

      Dear Cypress



      please let me know cross reference part number for IS25WP032D-JTLE-TR.


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          Hello Kimura,


          Cypress does not have a direct drop-in replacement for the IS25WP032D-JTLE-TR.

          However Cypress' closest suggested migration path from the IS25WP032D-JTLE

          is to the S25FS064SAGNFV033


          ISSI IS25WP032D-LTLE OPN Breakdown :

          IS25WP = 1.65V to 1.95V

          032 = 32Mb density

          D = Rev. D

          J = Standard option

          T = 8-Contact USON 4mm x 3mm

          L = RoHS Compliant

          E = Extended (-40C to +105C)

          TR = Tape and Reel


          Cypress S25FS064SAGNFI033 OPN Breakdown :

          S25FS = 1.7V to 2.0V

          064 = 64Mb density

          S = Rev. S (65nM)

          AG = 133 MHz

          N = 8-Contact LGA WSON 6mm x 5mm

          F = Pb-Free; RoHS Compliant

          V = Industrial Plus (–40°C to +105°C)

          03 = LGA Footprint

          3 = 13-inch tape and reel


          URL to S25FS064S datasheet :



          There is certainly a package difference between the IS25WP032D-JTLE vs. the S25FS064SAGNFV033.

          Pin-out assignment is identical (Pin#7 = RESET#)



          Hope this helps....



          Thank you and regards




          Cypress Applications Support

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            thank you for your support.

            I understood.