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    Unable to program cy8ckit-049-42xx kit

      I have the cy8ckit-049-42xx kit downloaded, and I can start a project with that kit from psoc creator 4.1.


      Machine is Windows 10.  When I plugged in the device, windows appeared to detect the device and set it up as COM4.  Amber power is solid and blue LED is blinking, so it seems to be powered and have the default program running.


      I've created an initial project which seems to build with no errors.  But when I select "Program", it opens a dialog to "Select Debug Target" that is empty.


      psoc program.PNG


      I also tried Tools->Find new devices.  It says no new devices are available.  I've looked in Windows device manager and I see a COM4.  I'm not sure what to do next to find the device.