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    In the Ibeacon snip, how do I change the device name from Strl?

      Hi all,


           Yes, I am new to this SDK.  I'm used to writing assembler and C in Atmel/PIC IDE's, so this is a big step for me.  I have been experimenting with some of these snips.  The more involved they get the more they pull files from god knows where.  All I wanted to do was change the Device name contained in the advertisement packet.  I have found every instance of that string(Strl) in every file and changed it to something else and it never changes.  Please advise.  Thanks.



      I'm using the most current WICED SDK and the STM32F411 discovery kit plugged into the LSR Sterling-LWB for WICED Dev. Board. I did successfully get an LED to blink and I confirmed the UART sends data to a terminal so thank god for that.