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      I would like to test A4WP_power_transmitter and receiver with BCM920737TAG WICED SMART development kit.


      But I don't have Broadcom PMU (59350). Therefore I disabled BLEPRU_PMU_INF_ENABLE from PRU (Receiver side).


      But I didn't see any ble link from transmitter monitoring using LightBlue app from iphone.


      Please advise me how can I connect between PTU and PRU without  Broadcom PMU (59350).



      Thiha Kyaw


          We currently provide the A4WP PRU and PTU profiles within the ROM on the BCM20736 and BCM20737.


          However, we do not have a Wireless hardware platform yet to implement a true Wireless charging solution as the spec is changing rapidly and we are waiting for the dust to settle, especially in the area of the specialized coils required for wireless charging.


          We are expecting to have one near the 2nd quarter of next year.