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    How to pair with a device using the CySmart API


      I am writing a C# application that uses the CySmart API. My device uses security mode 1, unauthenticated pairing with encryption and has no I/O. See the screen shot below:



      I am using the example code posted in this thread: https://community.cypress.com/thread/26958


      After connecting with the device I use the following API call:

      err = m_peerDevice.Pair(new CyPairSettings(CySecurityLevel.UNAUTHENTICATED_PAIRING_WITH_ENCRYPTION, false, 16, CyPairingProperties.USE_KEYPRESS_NOTIFICATION));


      My OnPairingComplete event gets called but the status is BLE_ERROR_GAP_AUTH_PASSKEY_ENTRY_FAILED. Any ideas?


      I have tried all three of the CyPairingProperties and they all give me the same result.