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    Sorting Bonded Devices

      I am developing a BLE Peripheral device.  This device can be bonded with 2 different centrals.  Say, for instance, I bond with a tablet as one device and a PC as the other.  When I power down the device, and pull it back up, if I read the stored bond infor, what would be a good way to flag one bond as the tablet, and one as the PC?  What are some stored bond data types that are unique enough I can compare to a "Device Type" struct saved to flash in order to flag the bonded device as a Tablet or a PC?

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          Wouldn't you just save metadata such as you describe with the bond information when you save it to flash?

          Otherwise, bond data in-and-of-itself is too generic to use as a logic comparison imo.

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            Hello David,


              Every Bonded device will be assigned a unique bdHandle.


            For Example: When first time your Peripheral device Connects and Bonds to the Tablet, The Tablet will be assigned a bdHandle (cyBle_connHandle.bdHandle=4  ) equal to 4 . Now when you Connects and Bonds to the PC , then the PC will be assigned a bdHandle=3.


            Now, When next time you  connects to a tablet ,as soon as you connect , You can check the 'bdHandle' if the bdHandle is 4 which means your connected device is tablet.