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    Ultra low power Wired IoT Bus network


      I have been inventing a ultra low power IoT Bus network that will outperform RS485/UART power consumption to about 40 times at 125kbps, does not need crystal stabilized timing, is physical fault proof, e.t.c. I want the bus network to become open standard. I have made several tests and made UDB component that performs the transaction on datapath and gate array level. Currently I have only tested it on PSoC 5 but would also like to port it to PSoC 4 with less capable UDB. The first test production evaluation boards with PSoC 5 are in production. I am looking for engineers who are willing to evaluate and participate the bus network development. More info about the evaluation board can be found at Wired IoT Bus Evaluation Kit – Tauria OÜ and Energy Consumption by Wired Internet of Things – Tauria OÜ .


      Feel free to comment and ask questions !