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    No access to CYBT-343026-EVAL board's Make Targets



      I'm having some trouble with the CYBT-343026-EVAL evaluation board and the WICED Studio 6.0 SDK.


      After having installed all the drivers of the board (USB Serial Dual Channel drivers included) I have referred to KBA221025 as stated in the user guide and followed the steps mentioned there:


           1.- Download CYBT_343026_EVAL_PLATFORM_FILES.zip attached with this KBA.

           2.- Save and extract the downloaded file in your computer.

           3.- Navigate to CYT_343026_EVAL_PLATFORM_FILES > CYBT_343026_EVAL and copy this folder.

           4.- Paste the folder in WICED Studio 5.1 folder path …\ WICED-Studio-5.1\20706-A2_Bluetooth\Platforms\. Figure 1 shows the location of folder in the WICED Studio 5.1.


      Now, although in the Project Explorer I can see that the folder has been added, there are only example build targets for the CYW920706WCDEVAL board in the Make Target tab.


      I figure I can't use the CYW920706WCDEVAL board's demos with my CYBT-343026-EVAL board since I get a device detection failure message saying that the CYW20706 was not detected.


      From the KBA221025 I understood that I should be able to see a sample make target called "demo.hello_sensor-CYBT_343026_EVAL download" in the Make Target tab.


      Is there any step that I am missing?


      Thank you in advance.


      Best regards.