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    CCG2 firmware image - limiting cable speed to 10Gbps



      This is Satyajit from Intel.


      We are using CCG2 eMarker (CYPD2103-20FNXIT) in our design. It’s similar to Passive eMarked cable.


      We want to use this design to carry 10Gbps Thunderbolt signals. Our requirements is,

      1. eMarker should advertise cable properties as 10Gbps speed support only.


      We downloaded CCG2 firmware from,



      As firmware is available only in binary format, we don’t know if it supports 10Gbps only speed as mentioned above.


      Can you point me to the right firmware? If it’s not readily available, can you share updated firmware where cable property (speed) is limited to 10Gbps?


      Thanks and regards,